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 My Pond :p

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PostSubject: My Pond :p   16/06/12, 06:51 pm

Since there is no General Chat,i will post this here ;p

This may be random,but this is my family's pond,we own all the land around it and the pond itself,it has been in the family for a long time Razz

This is the dirtroad leading to it :p
And this is the pond itself at sunset

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PostSubject: Re: My Pond :p   16/06/12, 07:36 pm

Post whatever you feel like. That's what this is for."

Just saying Razz

Cool tho.
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PostSubject: Re: My Pond :p   17/06/12, 03:13 am

Wanna tell it again?


My job isn't to dive feet first into hell, but to make sure it's crowded when I get there.
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PostSubject: Re: My Pond :p   17/06/12, 04:47 am

lovely pond! i love it alien
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PostSubject: Re: My Pond :p   

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My Pond :p
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